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~By Booo

Sparkle Text Here's what you're going to make

Ok first things first - don't be put off by the length of the tutorial.  It has numerous screen shots to help you to see what to do.  If I took out those screen shots, the tut would be about a quarter of the length. 

This tut will show you how to do basic animating, manipulate different layers and use an effect on your text.

If you get really stuck, don't struggle, just ask.  I don't bite

You will need:

Jasc paint shop pro.  I used version 7, but I'm sure this will work with any version

Animation shop

Eye Candy 3.1

Font of choice. I used Belphebe. 

Open a new transparent image 500x500

Click the text tool and use the settings below

Please note - if you have a long name/greeting, set the size to 100 rather than 200

This tut will work best on black font.


Once you have your name/greeting typed in, click ok 

If you have space, stretch your text out as far as possible using the squares around your text.  See example below


Ok see the square boxes on the outside of the text?  Hover your cursor over one - you'll get a double-sided arrow.  Left click, hold and pull.  Your text will stretch.  Release the mouse when you are happy with the size of your text.


Right click on your layer 2 and convert to rastor layer.   See example below


Delete layer 1 - it's blank and not needed.  See example below


Right click on your layer and duplicate 3 times so that you have 4 layers of text.

X out the top 3 layers of text so that only the original is showing.  Make the original your active layer  See example below


Ok lil note here - to get the red x on your layers, do you see the spectacles icon to the right of the layers?  Just click that to hide the layer.  Left click onto the layer you are working on to make it active.  In this case it is the bottom layer. 

Ok next onto starting to animate!!

Go to effects/plug-in filters/eye candy 3.1/water drops  See example below.  Ok I have plug-in filters 1 & 2.  You probably won't so don't worry too much about that.  Just look for plug-in filters and you should see your eye candy in there.
Ok set your water drops with the settings below
Once you have the settings, click the yellow tick icon in the top right corner.
Ok that's layer one done.  Onto layer two
x out the layer you've just added the water drops to and make the next layer up active.  See example
Effects/plug-in filters/eye candy 3.1/ water drops
All the settings for the water drops are the same as for the last layer EXCEPT the random seed.  Change that setting to 950
Click the tick icon
On the layer palette, x out that layer and make the next layer up active
Ok on your canvass go to effects/plug-in filters/eye candy 3.1/water drops. 
Again leave the settings the same EXCEPT for random seed.  Change that setting to 900
Click the tick icon
On your layer palette x out that layer and make the next layer up active.  See example below
Effects/plug-in filters/eyecandy 3.1/water drops
Again all the settings are the same EXCEPT the random seed.  Change that to 850
Click ok
Make sure all layers are visible - see below, and save as a .psp file
Ok ready to animate those layers?
Ok you're almost there
Open Animation shop
Go to File/open and locate the graphics you just saved.  You've saved all the layers and those will open as separate frames. 
Ok your graphic is huge so you need to resize that.  Go to animation/resize See below
Use the settings below
Ok you might have a lot of space round your graphic.  That's no use because if you post like that, you'll have a big gap between your message and the signature.  So we're gonna remove that gap.
Go to edit/select all.  That will select all four of your frames.  See below
Click on the crop tool.  See below.  Fourth tool from the left is the crop tool.  I've clicked it so's it looks selected on this.  Hover your mouse over the tools and text will appear to tell you what each is.
Ok now starting at the top left side of your graphic, drag the crop tool to make a rectangle close to the graphic.  See below.  See how by selecting all, all the frames have been cropped down?  I only have two frames on this example, but all 4 frames are being cropped.  The box shows how much of the graphic is cropped
When you're happy with how much will be cropped off, double left click inside one of the boxes.  This will remove the area outwith the boxes.
Want to see how it's all looking? 
Ok go to View/Animation.  See below
Ok happy with the signature?  Go to file/save as.  Give your creation a name.  It should automatically save as .gif. 
Congratulations hope you enjoy using your new signature.

codes, and webset ©Booo

Tutorial ©Booo

Do not remove in whole or in part without permission

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