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Easy Custom Frame
~By Diamond

Making Custom  Frame

by using
The Add Border Option


Written for PSP 8

Let's start by saving the above image to your  own computer.

To do this, simply right click on image, then choose "Save as...." and place it where you can find it easily. That way, you do not use bandwidth.

1. Open up a new image in PSP, using any background  color or pattern you wish.

2. Open the  flower image you saved, click on copy, then go to the first image you opened , click on it and paste as New layer. resize  by going to Image/resize/decide what size you want/make sure that resize all layers is unchecked, then click ok. This will make the image smaller to fit, but not the overall size of the original image you opened.

3.Add new layer, and put any © information you need in, putting it down in a lower corner, so does not  interfere with your overall design, but can be read clearly.

4. Add any text you wish at this point as well. 

Now that we have our basic tag all completed to our liking, Merge  all.

I have resized this by 50% for this tut.

Now comes the fun part, adding your custom borders, or themed border  since this can be done with any image you wish. Fruits and Flowers seem to look the best, but anything you can get a nice selection from as shown in the next step will work as well.

Step 1 - using your selection tool, draw out a small selection from your image, then copy and paste as a new image.

I am showing this as a black section for this purpose only.

Step 2 - Go to Image/add border with these settings.

Click on ok, and then go to your Magic Wand, click on that white border so that the marching ants are going all around. This is what it should look like then.

I am going to fill mine with a green color from the flower arrangements at this point.

Step 3- repeat step 2, changing size to 15 or 20, select and fill  with any light color at this point. I used yellow.

Step 4 - repeat step 2, filling with same color as you did then ( green for me)


This is what you have now, click on that yellow section with your Magic wand, so that you have the marching ants going around. change the color back to white by using the flood fill paint can. Leave those ants marching.

Now remember that small selection image we saved earlier? Now is the time to use it.

Click on that image, copy  and then go back to your main image with the ants marching, and paste into selection.

Deselect and there you have it. All finished.


Here is another example using this same technique.


This tutorial is not to be copied at any time. You may link to it for group lessons or print out for your own use. Do not claim as your own. Thank you

tutorial ©Diamond 2005

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