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Clean Line Art
~By Diamond

Preparing Line Art for Pixel Painting  
This is the image we will be using for this tutorial. It is a free Black and White from Dover Press.
To use Left click then click Save as... to save to your hard drive You will also need Mac's Remove White filter. You can get it here.
Ready - then let's get started. 1.
 The original line art as a gif - see fig 1


2.Save as a psp image, then close gif - open the psp image

3.Open your layers pallet - you will see that you have one layer named background

4. Go to Colors and increase your colors to 16 million/24 bits and apply.

5.Now click on the background layer and rename or convert to layer. see fig 2


6.Go to Effects/plugin-Mac's "remove white filter" click apply.

All of the white is gone and you are left with a transparent background with a black outline of a hat...see fig3


7.Rename this layer as hat

8.Create a new layer, name it background and move to bottom.. see fig4


9. Save as psp image - remember to save often from this point on

This is now ready to clean and prepare for coloring Next step is cleaning the lines and closing any open gaps.

10. It might be a good idea to enlarge this now so you can get a good close look at all the gaps and close them up..see fig5


I have circled the more obvious ones, there may be more as we go along. If you come across any, just close them up.

I will not be including full screen shots from here on, just a close up of the section that I am working on for this tutorial.see fig 6


This is the top part of the hat. zoom your image to +5 so that you can see clearly what you are erasing. The sections to be added, I have circled in red so that you can see it clearly.Make sure that you use Black.

Click on your paintbrush and set it for round size 1 to fill in gaps.

To thin out the lines, use your eraser tool set at 1 or 2 if section is very thick. If you erase too much, just add it back in with the paint brush.

Fig7 shows where I have thinned out the lines and filled the gaps. It is circled in red.


This tutorial is a compilation of things I have learned from others and things that we normally do in PSP.I have just put this together in one place with the screenshots, so that you can see what is being done.

There are many other tutorials available, I have only tried to show you the basic steps.

All that is left now, is to fill in with color. add shadings.and depth with bevels.

If you are using a large image, and wish to use for pixel art, simply resize.

I trust you have enjoyed this tutorial, learned a simple and easy way to adapt line art for use.

Written Jan 19, 2004 ©Diamond
Revised Dec. 19,2004
You may link to this tutorial for group lessons, but do not remove or copy to distribute otherwise. - All rights reserved.

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