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Jesse's Box Tut
~By Jesse

 Glass Box Tutorial
© Jesse

If you use this tut, please drop a line to:
so I can see what you are doing with it & please give me credit, as tut's are a bit of work to do.


This tutorial was written in Psp 7

As in all tuts you don't have to follow everything to the letter, have a play around and go with what works for you...lol

Vizros Filters here

Bring up a new canvas 400 x 400 - transparent and Flood Fill with a colour, gradient, background or texture of your choice

Select box from the Vizros Filters using these settings, you can play around with the Light Source to obtain different light or shadow effects on the box


Your image will have a white background, select the Magic Wand tool and click on the background, hit delete on your keyboard


Right click anywhere on your canvas and you will now have this image, at this point you can move the box to where you would like it to be


Now add a new Raster Layer and select the Draw tool and a lighter colour, line size 3 and pull out a line along one of the edges of the box, keep adding a new Raster Layer until all the edges, sides, bottom and top of the box are highlighted by the lines like this 


If you go over the edges you can either delete the layer and do it again or you can tidy up the ends with the Eraser tool, adding a dark(or light,depending on the colour of your lines) background is helpful at this point as it will make it easier to see where the lines start and finish, you can delete it later

Don't do any Merging at this point

Select a tube you like, preferably larger than the box as you can resize, copy and paste as a new layer and send to the bottom, select Layers - Arrange and move the tube up until it looks like this


 Bring up the Eraser tool and remove all the parts of the flower which are outside the box being careful not to go over the lines, your image should now look like this


Bring up the same tube and copy and paste as a new layer, only this time place it behind the box move it around until it matches the flower 'inside' the box. If you don't want the pattern on the 'inside' of the box go to the Layer Palette, select the original box layer and delete it and you will have a completely transparent box. I chose to leave the box there to give the effect of it having a glass front.

Select Layers - Merge - Merge Visible and save


And Voila! the completed masterpiece!

Well done!

I used MuRa Meister Cloud filter to get the background effect below



>March 2005


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