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Adding Sparkles
~By Lamb

"First let me say, I am not a tut writer. But I try."

Adding Sparkles


We will use the rose above ©DSLinda

I may have you do many steps, but you can shorten them later once you learn.

1. Right click on the photo and save to your computer

2. Now open PSP, click browse, locate the photo and open in PSP.

3. Open a new canvas the same size as the photo, or larger. Click on the rose, click the scissors in your tool bar, click your blank canvas, click edit, click paste as new layer. Your rose should now be on your blank canvas. Close the original rose. Now Crop the excess from the image.

4. Click layers, click merge visable.

5. Now we want to duplicate the layers so we have 3 copies of the rose.

Look at the photo above. Click on your layer palette, right click on the layer, click duplicate. Now do it one more time. You should have 3 layers.

Now place a red x like in the photo above on the 2 top layers. Now click on the first layer. That is the layer we are going to add sparkles to first.

Click on your tubes, find your sparkle, adjust the size as you wish, and click on random places on your rose. Perhaps 5-6 times.

Now we are going to layer 2. Put your red checks like above, and click on the middle layer. That is the layer you are going to add sparkles to now.

Add your sparkles as before, not in the same places, just random placements.

Now this is the last layer, the 3rd layer. Place your red checks as above, click on the top layer, and once again, add the sparkles.

Ok, now uncheck all the layers so it looks like the above.

Now we are going to save it. Click on file, and as the example above, click on save as.

Now give it a name and put it where you can find it. Whatever folder you are using.

Now open Animation shop.

Click on file, browse, and find your rose. Be sure it is not the first rose, but the one you just gave a name to. Now open that.

With your wheel on your mouse, roll it back and forth, one way makes it larger, the other smaller, make it smaller, you should now see all 3 layers, that are now called frames As in the photo below.

Now looking at the photo above, just some FYI, the F1 D:10 below the first frame means, that is frame one, and the timing is set at 10. This will be useful in the future.

The first frame with the blue around it, click on that. That is now your active frame.

Ok, now we want to animate it. The D10 tends to be fast, so this is how you change that. Click edit and select all as in the photo above.

Now click on animation, and then ftame properties as in the photp above and a new window will open.

See the number 10 in the photo above, change that to 20. You will learn different timings as you play, but for now, make it 20. Click ok.

Now lets see what we have. Click view, then animation as in the photo above.

Is it working? Do you like it? If yes, close the one that is animated, the one you that just opened.

Now with your remaining 3 frames, click on file, click on save as, click ok.

Your graphic should now have sparkles. Your done. You can close it.

Adding your name at this point is another tutorial so I will not go into that here.


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