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TOU & Privacy Policies

These Snags and other image and resource files are shared under a Creative Commons License:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution
Non-Commercial - No Derivatives 2.5 License.

In short, this means you may use the images for any non-commercial project. You may NOT resize, re-color, crop, spindle and otherwise mutilate the images in any way you like, including making derivative works.
***Except for adding your name, a few sparkles and some glitter to the blank offers.***
A-Give credit to the original artist(s).
B-NOT use the images on any site that promotes hate, violence or pornography.

C-Not offer for download on other sites
The originating artists retains copyright to the original work.
Do Not Remove any © info from the snags, please.
PLEASE: DO NOT copy/paste...
DO... right click and save to your own hard drive.
**Notice to artists:**
If you would like to make snags from tubes and resources from 'The PaintShop Pro Tube Depot' that you would like to share with the world here, please feel free to either join our group or email me to be included in this project.

Privacy Policy

The Snag Depot has created this Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy. The short version is: We do not sell or give away your name or any information about you, to anyone, without a court order.

If you have any questions or concerns about any part of this web site or need any assistance in reference to any sales or downloads, please feel free to e-mail us at:

When you send us e-mail we won't keep or share your e-mail address with anyone outside of Snag Depot staff. We'll only use your e-mail address to respond to your requests for information.

Information Collection:
When you browse, read pages or download information on our website, we automatically gather and store certain technical information about your visit. This information never identifies who you are. This information is collected for statistical purposes only. The information we collect and store about your visit is listed below:

>The Internet domain and IP address from which you access our website

>The type of browser and operating system used to access our site

>The date and time you access our site

>The pages you visit and

>If you linked to our website from another website, the address of that website.

Sometimes we use "cookies," which are small amounts of text stored on your computer. The only cookies we use are to inform your browser that you have visited the site previously. A Web server can only retrieve information from a cookie it created. It can’t look at other cookies to gather more information.

Site Security:
We monitor visits to the web site to identify any attempt to tamper with it.

We accept no personal information to this site.

We would only try to identify you personally when required to do so by a law enforcement investigation.

Tampering with the Snag Depot web site is against the law. If anyone tries to tamper with it, they may be punished under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.

Links to Other Sites
Our website has links to many other web sites. When you go to another site, you are subject to the privacy and security policies of that site. Snag Depot cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided there.

Linking to a web site does not constitute an endorsement by Snag Depot, or any of its affiliates or sponsors, of the sponsors of the site or the products presented on the site.
~PaintShop Pro Tube Depot & Snag Depot Staff
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